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The Legend of Kung Fu Named Best Production in Branson

The Legend of Kung Fu has been named the Best Production in Branson, according to Branson Critic.  The award honors the show, which is known for its elaborate set designs, costumes, production value and storytelling.

The Legend of Kung Fu follows the story of a  young boy, Chun Yi, in a magical tale told by an ancient Kung Fu Master. Designated as the main show of the Beijing Olympics and having been performed more than 3000 times world-wide, Chun Yi – The Legend of Kung Fu, has wowed and amazed audiences with its unique combination of the art of Kung Fu, aerial ballet, dance and music.

The Branson show also includes a dinner option, featuring a 3-course Chinese meal.  Plus, the ticket for the dinner and show is less than $40.  That’s a great value, especially for a show of this caliber. 

Regular Legend of Kung Fu tickets are also on sale.  For less than $28 a ticket, adults can treat themselves to the Best Production in Branson.

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