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The Baldknobbers are a Branson Tradition

The Baldknobbers in Branson, Missouri are known as the show that started it all.  The Mabe Brothers started performing in Branson in 1959.  A combination of country and gospel music, along with comedy and patriotism garnered the show a following.  Now, the tradition continues with members of the Mabe family still performing on the Branson stage and bringing the classic Baldknobbers show to new Branson audiences.

Everything from traditional country to today’s number one hits is performed the Baldknobbers show.   The 2nd & 3rd generations of the Mabe family carry on the family tradition of performing an all new show each year. Both longtime Baldknobbers’ fans and new fans alike appreciate the Baldknobbers’ family traditions that have made this show popular from generation to generation.  With some of the younger generation giving their input, song selections from the 90s and early 2000s have been added to performances.  Current country and classic country are given their due time as well, which appeals to a wide range of audience members.  Family fun is still number one at the Branson show, too.  Comedians Hargus Marcel and Droopy Drawers, Jr. create numerous laughs throughout the show. 
Come see why this show has been a Branson favorite for over 50 years!  Baldknobbers tickets are on sale now.

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