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New Restaurant to Bring Italian Flavor to Branson

Visitors to Branson, Missouri will have a new place to dine come September.  Pasghetti’s, an Italian restaurant, is being built next to Starlite Theatre on Hwy 76 “The Strip.” 

The concept for the Branson restaurant sounds interesting, as the business owners plan to go big both inside and out.  For instance, a 15-foot tall meatball with a 50-foot fork sticking out of the top will sit in front of the building.  You’ll also find noodles scattered in front of the building for children to play on.  Inside the 15,000-square-foot dining establishment, two different themes will be featured.  The top level will have the feel of rooftop dining, with a quiet, romantic atmosphere perfect for dinner for two. Downstairs, families can have the reign in a scene set in the 1920s. 

Plans are for visitors to feel like they are walking down a street from the bygone era, with elements form Italy, San Francisco, Chicago and New York implemented.  The unique design will include a trolley inside acting as a bar, a subway car in the back of the restaurant, and the façade of small businesses like laundromats, garages and dry cleaners lining the street. 

The menu will have the same flair.  Chef Holly Peterson, a renowned chef from Napa Valley, California, will be creating all of the recipes. 

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