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Lambert’s Cafe Serves up Southern-Style Food with Flair

LambertsIf you’re driving to Branson, Missouri for your vacation be sure to stop at Lambert’s Café, a southern cooking establishment located just about 30 minutes north of town.  Known for their throwed rolls, gigantic portions and pass-around fixin’s, Lambert’s is a tradition for many.  Families love it because of the laid-back yet entertaining atmosphere and the prices aren’t bad either.

Located off Hwy 65 at the CC exit in Ozark, Lambert’s is a big green building you can’t miss.  Sometimes there is a line, but believe me…the wait is worth it!  Everything inside the café is pure Americana with license plates and interesting décor from across these United States lining the walls.  Once you are seated, the wait staff begins throwing rolls before your order is even in!  What’s the story behind the throwed rolls?  Well, it all started in 1981 when the restaurant was experiencing a lunch rush.  During the busy service, Norman, the original owner’s son, was pushing a cart of hot rolls from table to table when an impatient customer asked him to “just throw me one.”  The rest, as they say, is history.  Lambert’s Café has been the home of throwed rolls ever since.

Lambert’s is also one of the few places to have the distinction of being named one of the “World’s Best Places to Pig Out” by The Travel Channel.  They had this to say about the restaurant: “After months of research and untold amounts of food, it has become obvious that the best place to pig out on the planet is Lambert’s Cafe.  This quaint, southern-style restaurant is a living shrine to gluttony – in the finest sense of the world, or course.” 
Lamberts-InteriorAs someone who has ate at Lambert’s multiple times, I agree with The Travel Chanel whole-heartedly.  My favorite thing to order at the café is the chicken fried steak which comes in rooster (16 oz.) or hen (11 oz.) cut. Served with creamy mashed potatoes and covered in milk gravy, the dish brings me right back home to my southern roots.  Two sides are included too, and you can eat as much of the pass-arounds – fried okra, fried potatoes and onions, black eyed peas, macaroni and tomatoes and hot rolls and sorghum – as you like.  Other southern-style entrees served include meatloaf made from scratch, fried catfish filets, barbeque ribs, pork chops (smoked, battered or deep fried) and country ham.

Make plans to eat at this famous restaurant on your Branson vacation and find out why Lambert’s Café keeps guests coming back for more, year after year.

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