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Clay Cooper Theatre Welcomes Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience

The Clay Cooper Theatre is playing host to an all-new, family friendly show in 2014.  Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience, an enticing show popular during Silver Dollar City’s KidsFest in recent years, will be added to the theatre’s summer line-up.  The new show is a great arrival to the Branson show scene, especially for the summer when families vacation the most.

With tickets to the show, you’ll see Perondi and his incredible cast of canines perform astonishing acrobatics, doggy dancing, high jumping, oh-my-goodness obstacles and plenty of laughs.  The show will feature new segments, sets and courses for the lovable pooches.  Aiding Perondi with the dogs are four other trainers who ensure proper training, nutrition and overall health.  The show touches hearts too, as all of the dogs are recues who’ve found a new life entertaining and performing.  Perondi is a strong supporter of animal rescue, which is an important part of the show. 
Other shows you can look forward to this summer at the Clay Cooper Theatre include Joseph Hall’s Rock ‘N Remember Tribute, Buckets N Boards, The Haygoods, and Clay Cooper’s Country Express. 

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