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Branson’s Kirby VanBurch is Amazing Magician

The Kirby VanBurch show in Branson, Missouri combines family fun, great illusions and beautiful animals for an all-around unique family show. Recently, I went to see Kirby VanBurch perform his popular magic show at the Kirby VanBurch Theater and was genuinely impressed by the magic tricks performed.

The show jumped right into the action, with the tricks starting the minute the lights went down. Kirby began with illusions centered on making things disappear. Everything from assistants to his wife Bambi magically left the stage and in return were replaced with items such as a White Bengal Tiger, a boa constrictor and a panther. The illusions happen so gracefully and with such ease, it was certainly true magic being performed.

One of the best moments of the night is a magic trick between Kirby and Bambi. First, Kirby magically makes Bambi float on a fountain of water, and then makes the water disappear, so that Bambi is indeed floating in air. The illusion was truly mystifying and was quite appealing to the audience, who broke out in thunderous applause. Another top trick was the disappearance of a motorcycle. This heavy piece of machinery was lifted into the air and quickly disappeared, only to be replaced with Kirby himself. He truly is an extraordinary magician. Kirby VanBurch also did a homage to Houdini by walking through a plate glass window. A truly remarkable feat, you’ll have to see it to believe it yourself!

Throughout the show, Kirby and his wife Bambi engage the audience with questions and some members are even involved in a few of the magic tricks. The entire atmosphere is one of family fun, where each guest is truly treat to a night of magic. If you or your family like to be amazed, enjoy animals and are fans of magic, this is the Branson show for you!

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