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Branson Promised Land Zoo Welcomes Baby Bengal Tiger

Branson’s Promised Land Zoo has a new addition for visitors to see in 2014.  The animal attraction, which opened spring 2013, is now home to a baby Bengal tiger named Bruce Lee.  Bengal tigers are currently on the endangered species list, which makes the opportunity to see one up close even more special.

Bruce Lee weighs only 13 pounds now, and is very much at his “Aww, Look how cute he is stage.”  As he continues to grow he could possibly weigh 500 pounds and reach 9 feet long at maturity.  Once he is old enough, the Bengal tiger will participate in up-close encounters, as well as be able to pose for one-of-a-kind keepsake photos. 

Other intriguing creatures call Promised Land Zoo home too. Visitors will find a breeding group of sloths, a hyena, spider monkeys and micro-monkeys.  The attraction is a foot safari, petting zoo and interactive exhibit all-in-one. 

The up-close experiences also include:
  • Animal Encounters Live Show:  Interactive shows geared towards educating.
  • Parakeet Paradise: View and feed hundreds of parakeets.
  • Barnyard Petting Zoo:  Feed, pet and brush many of the animals in the park.
  • Keeper Talks:   Interesting conversations led by zoo keepers about the animals on-site.
  • Critter Cart: Small and unique animals are featured.
  • Bottle Feedings: View and engage in animal bottle feedings (definitely the most popular).
  • Exclusive Encounters: Visit one-on-one with some of the most lovable animals including monkeys, baby cats (lions or tigers), and much more.


Located on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, Promised Land Zoo Branson is an easy to get to and well worth a stop.  They are the only Branson attraction to provide animal encounters and are affordable too.  Branson Promised Land Zoo admission is less than $18 for adults, and only $9.95 for children 12 and under.

And did I mention the baby tiger?  Visit the Zoo soon to see him!

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