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Andy Williams Christmas Show Celebrates the Holiday Season

The Andy Williams Christmas show debuted at the Moon River Theater last week, November 1, and has been a real hit with audiences.

Even though Andy Williams has not been able to perform in the show, due to being diagnosed with bladder cancer, he handpicked the cast for the show and has been very involved in the production. 

The Branson show features a variety of performers, including the Lennon Brothers and Gail Lennon, singer and instrumentalists Mike Cathcart, violinist Dean Church, and the Warnocks, a family vocal group.  Two of the headlining acts are The Lennon Sisters and Oh What a Night!, a Frankie Valli and the Four Season tribute quartet.  Both groups also perform their own shows at the Moon River Theatre.  Christmas with The Lennon Sisters performs daily, except for Sundays, at 2pm and Oh What a Night! performs daily, except for Sundays, at 10am. 

The Andy Williams Christmas show also includes quick change artists Pasha and Aliona, Russian-trained performers who dance and perform amazing quick changes; and Bob Anderson, a vocal impressionist also serving as the shows emcee.

An elaborate set, dancers, a live band, costumes, and lively renditions of holiday classics make this one of the top Branson shows to see this holiday season.

Andy Williams Christmas show tickets are on sale now.

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