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Yakov’s Moscow Circus Invades Branson

Press Release from Yakov Smirnoff Theater:

Yakov Smirnoff, famous Russian Comedian, announced that a special Moscow Circus is a new addition to his exciting theater line-up in Branson, Missouri. Yakov’s Moscow Circus will open on June 10 and run through September 7. Yakov says, “You can runaway to Branson to join my circus! The highly respected Moscow Circus is an entertaining collection of clowns, strongmen, high wire walkers, con artists, and animals. Over here in America we call that Congress.”

Yakov’s Moscow Circus features Andre the Clown, Irina Markova and her award-winning canine troupe with their feline friends, Igor & Denis “The Strongmen of Moscow”, Flying Adagio Star Marina, National Unicycling Champion Anthony Soumiatin, Boris the Wonder Dog and more. For the first twenty dates Yakov will appear in person, subsequent show dates he’ll be a part of the show via multimedia. Yakov says, “The show is really a story and the story is set in a circus and begins in Russia. It features elements of honor, loyalty, character, nobility, patriotism, humor, romance…and some very exciting and unique segments. Parts of the story mirror the challenges, and the culture, of my country of origin Russia, and parts of the story showcase my love, and the values, of my country of choice the United States of America. You won’t want to miss the adventure as Andre the Clown searches for his lovely Marina the Ballerina!”

Yakov’s Moscow Circus tickets are on sale now!

Yakov’s Theatre features four shows in 2009. Country music star Neal McCoy on selected dates from June 16 through November 1, Yakov’s Moscow Circus from June 10 through September 7, Yakov’s own show, and Dino’s Christmas Extravaganza in November and December.

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