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Yakov’s Moscow Circus Features Romance & Adventure

Yakov’s Moscow Circus is a show telling the age old story of love – with a circus twist. During the Branson show, a clown meets a pretty ballerina and falls in love, and the audience gets to witness their story as it unfolds.

Andrei is a sad circus clown who falls for the talented ballerina Marina. Olga, Marina’s protective older sister and the circus ringmaster, plays the foe to their aspiring love. The show is centered on their circus romance and includes colorful clowns, aerialists, performing animals and a multi-course meal.
The meal served at Yakov’s Moscow Circus is Russian-inspired. The first course is soup and dinner rolls followed by Russian potatoes and meatballs. Babka is served for dessert, which is similar to peach cobbler. The meal is served during the show and options for kids are available.

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