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Xtreme Racing Center Offers Unique High-Speed Thrills

An all-new racing experience has arrived in Branson, Missouri.  Xtreme Racing Center offers a unique way to race in Branson as the track features racing carts – not go-karts.  The high-tech racing carts contain Honda motors, capable of high speeds, which makes racing here a thrilling activity.

There are three different types of racing carts available at Xtreme Racing Center. Cart models have a range of speeds, with the slowest model maxing out at 20mph, the Sodi GT5 goes 30mph and the RT8 goes 40mph.  It does take some skill to drive these carts on the 3,500-foot winding track.  Therefore, you do have to qualify to drive them.  The qualification process involves driving the GT5, showing drivability and good lap time.  If you pass, you can upgrade your racing license for the RT8.  Racing chips in the carts keep track of lap time and is kept on the racer’s driving card (license.)
Pricing at Xtreme Racing Center:

Adult Karting:


  • Pro-Package (one qualifying race in the Pro-Kart) – $19.99
  • Grand Prix Special (one qualifying race in the Pro-Kart, one additional race in the kart of your choice) – $32.99
  • Triple Threat Package (one qualifying race in the pro-kart, two additional races in the kart of your choice) – $41.99
  • X-Treme Package (one qualifying race in the Pro-Kart, four additional races in the kart of your choice) – $49.99



Junior Karting:


  • Single race – $12.99
  • Two race package – $19.99
  • Three race package – $24.99



All races DO NOT have to be used during your initial visit.  Drivers must be 11 years old and 52″ tall to drive the adult karts (Pro or X-Treme). Junior Karts are available; Kids must be 7 years old and 48″ tall to drive the Junior Karts. All racers must be able to safely operate the kart. Closed-toed shoes required to race. 

Xtreme Racing Center is also home to Sky Surfer.  It is a surfboard-style ride in which the participant stands, in a secure harness, as the board travels across a cable over 50-feet in the air.  You can reach speeds of 30mph!  It’s a real thrill! 

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