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Wi-Fi Available on AirTran Airways Flights from Branson Airport

AirTran Airways announced that it has completed installation of Gogo Inflight Internet on all 136 of its aircraft. This milestone makes AirTran the first major airline to equip its entire fleet with Wi-Fi. AirTran Airways operates two flights per day to Branson Airport, both from Atlanta.

Wi-Fi enables business travelers to connect to the Internet and corporate e-mail and network systems (virtual private networks), staying productive in the air. It offers unlimited entertainment options to leisure travelers, including surfing the net, instant messaging, updating Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or anything else you can do online on the ground.

“When you get onboard an AirTran Airways jet, you know exactly what you’re going to get — an assigned seat on a full-sized, new Boeing jet with Business Class, a friendly crew, complimentary XM Satellite Radio and now Wi-Fi,” said Bob Fornaro, chairman, president and CEO of AirTran Airways. “It’s that consistent, low-cost, high-quality experience that sets us apart from our competitors.”

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