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Water Ride coming to Celebration City

Celebration City is building its biggest attraction since opening in 2003, and the largest new attraction for Branson in 2008.
It’s an Amazon journey through the mists before ending in a five story plummet and it’s called Roaring Falls.
“Roaring Falls is the biggest ride we have added since the park opened in 2003,” said John Fitzgibbons, general manager of Celebration City. “With an Amazon theme, complete with misty fog and jungle sound effects, riders on the adventure will find that the powerful river current carries the boats to the top of a massive waterfall.”
The five-story drop falls at an angle of 55 degrees and is estimated to cause a splash 60 feet high or more. The total ride time is about two minutes long, traveling through 250,000 gallons of water. Construction on Roaring Falls began in mid-January and is expected to be complete in time for the park’s opening on April 18.
Information courtesy of Branson Daily News
Image courtesy of Celebration City

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