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Travel Channel Visits Shoji Tabuchi Theater Branson

A unique Branson attraction — restrooms at the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre — will get national exposure this summer.

Last month, the theater was visited by the Travel Channel, which was there to film the restrooms as part of the cable channel’s “Extreme Series.”

When the “extreme bathrooms” concept was decided upon, the Travel Channel’s research team went to work searching for the best bathrooms and discovered the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre.

Jonda Sleppy, Shoji’s executive administrative assistant to the producer, worked directly with the Travel Channel on the production.

Sleppy said the film crew spent a day shooting the extraordinary restrooms.

Sleppy said the cast and film crew had a lot of fun filming the story, and with many productions there are always few good outtakes.

“One of our child cast members shared that being in the ladies restroom was just like being in Cinderella’s bathroom,” she said.

Information courtesy of Branson Daily News

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