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Titanic Museum Celebrates the Irish

The Titanic Museum Attraction will celebrate the Titanic/Irish connection March 1 to 17 in a special tribute to the many Irish passengers and crew who sailed on the ship’s maiden voyage.

Owner John Joslyn says the 17-day event will feature Celtic dancers, the popular Dirty Old Towne band, Titanic Branson’s own versatile crew of Irish storytellers and much more.

Titanic was said to be “born in Ireland” because, in large part, thousands of Irish workmen at the Harland and Wolff Shipyard in Belfast created her. In addition, the ship carried more Irish passengers than any other nationality aboard and employed more Irish crew members than other passenger liners of its day. “These are the brave people we celebrate and the legacy we honor during Irish-American Heritage Month at Titanic,” says Joslyn.

During the event, Irish-costumed crew members will greet Museum Attraction visitors and regale them with the true stories of Irish passengers—those who survived and those who perished. Visitors will also meet Titanic’s own Father Browne, the young Irishman who took the only photographs of Titanic at sea with passengers aboard. “This stunning, world-exclusive exhibit literally stops visitors in their tracks,” says Joslyn. “Father Browne’s photos capture the Titanic story in ways that words alone just can’t.”

The World’s Largest TITANIC Museum Attraction is the new landmark family destination in Branson, Missouri. In nearly two years of operation, it has already welcomed more than 855,000 guests aboard. The 17,000 square-foot, ship-shaped structure – built half-scale to Titanic’s original size – towers more than 100 feet above its anchored position on Highway 76. A 90-minute self-guided or optional audio tour covers 20 galleries on two decks where more than 400 priceless artifacts are on display that once belonged to Titanic’s passengers or crew.

Information courtesy of Titanic Museum

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