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Titanic Museum Branson Celebrates Reading with Disney’s “Belle” Character

The Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson is hosting “Belle,” a popular heroine from Disney’s “Beauty & the Beast,” throughout the month of July. While she visits, she will be reading excerpts from children’s classics as part of a mission to to reinforce children’s reading and learning skills.

“Polar the Titanic Bear” is a special book in the series. Polar was a Steiff Bear, the property of seven-year old Douglas Spedden who was on the Titanic with his parents. When the American family was rescued from a lifeboat they left the bear behind, but a crew member returned it to the boy. A year later, his mother wrote the story of Polar for the boy. Decades later, a relative published the manuscript after he discovered it in a trunk.
The Titanic Museum presents various events throughout the year. Check back soon for more details.
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