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Titanic Museum Branson a Unique Experience for All Ages

Titanic___World_s_Largest_Museum_Attraction_-002-As a history buff, touring the Titanic Museum while in Branson was at the top of my list. The half-scale replica of the ship stands out like a beacon on the Highway 76 Strip. It truly gives you an understanding of the sheer size of the RMS Titanic. Once inside Titanic Museum Branson, you discover so much about the ship, its passengers and its enduring legacy.

Touring the Titanic Museum Branson is an authentic history lesson that is both somber yet triumphant as it celebrates the human spirit. The museum does an excellent job of honoring the lives of those lost, as well as those of survivors. To make the experience even more poignant, visitors receive a boarding pass upon entering the museum complete with passenger information. The fate of your passenger is revealed at the end of your tour, driving home the true life and death fates bestowed to the ship’s many guests.

titanic_branson_musicians_gallery_rszAs you tour the Titanic Branson, you’ll be immersed in the stories of both the ship and its passengers. More than 400 genuine artifacts, totaling more than $4 million dollars, are on display. These authentic artifacts are quite impressive, some of which came from the depths of the ocean floor where the RMS Titanic now rests. They aide in the discovery of what it would’ve been like as a Titanic passenger, as do replicas of the third-class, second-class and first-class cabins. In addition, walking the Grand Staircase – built in a full-scale, grandiose fashion – makes you feel like Rose from the Titanic movie. Although I didn’t find Jack during my tour, the essence of all passengers – from poor to rich – can really be felt throughout the museum.

Titanic_Museum_Attraction_(022)Through interactive exhibits and detailed galleries, you get even closer to what the Titanic experience was like. Some of the standouts for me include walking the ship’s bow, which is surrounded by a starry night and cool night air, as well as testing how long I could handle the icy 28 degree water temperatures the Titanic passengers faced on that fateful night. After lasting only 90 seconds (and my finger was frozen!), the strength and resolve of survivors was made that much more real in my mind. Extensive photo galleries give a face to the many names aboard the RMS Titanic. Two of the best include the Musicians Gallery and the Children’s Stories Gallery. The musicians aboard the Titanic are legendary, as they continued to play as the Titanic. These eight musicians are honored, as are the children of the Titanic whose stories have never been told before. See the ship through the eyes of innocence, as children from crew to first class remembered.

Titanic___World_s_Largest_Museum_Attraction_(004)Speaking of children, the Titanic Museum Branson does a quality job of entertaining yet educating the younger set. Interactive exhibits simulating shoveling coal, sending a SOS distress signal, climbing the deck as it pitches and lists into the ocean, learning to tie rope knots and simply interacting with the knowledgeable, costumed staff bring the legacy of the Titanic to life for children.

Tip: The audio tour is included with tickets, and it’s very much worth a listen. Plan on spending around two hours at the museum to fully absorb all it has to offer. Don’t’ bring your camera, though, as photos are strictly prohibited inside the museum.

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