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The SIX Show is Back in Branson!

SIX is back in Branson!  The musical group, made up of six of the 10 Knudsen brothers, began its second season at The Mickey Gilley Theater March 1.  New lighting, outfits, comedy and musical numbers are featured for the new season.  Of course, SIX’s signature numbers and routines will also be included in the show.

One of the new numbers in the show is “Life is a Highway,” which kicks off this years production.  The two hours guests spend in the audience of a SIX show are filled with fun, energetic appeal creating a rockin’ good time!  A variety show at its finest, everything from gospel to country to rock and pop and Motown are performed. 
SIX has been dubbed an “orchestra of human voices”, SIX’s rhythmic percussion, toe tapping bass, and melodic vocals intertwine seamlessly, all produced live with the power of just six incredible voices. 

SIX Tickets are on sale now.

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