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Talking Rocks Cavern Tour Features Educational Entertainment

Talking Rocks Cavern is an educational and entertaining Branson attraction that appeals to those of all ages.  The attraction brings out the explorer in visitors, and aides them in discovering more about Missouri, which is known as the cave state due to the abundance of these underground formations.

With the purchase of Talking Rocks Cavern tickets, you’ll be treated to a tour by a seasoned guide who will inform you of the history, geology and natural beauty of the cave.  The cave is a unique experience for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is vertical in nature, with the entrance being at the top of the cave.  It also features more formations than many caves in Southwest Missouri.  The back of the cave is home to a cathedral formation that guests can walk through.  The tour commences with a lights and sound show. 

The cave is relatively small in nature, but packs a lot into its small space.  The endangered Ozark blind salamanders can actually see when they’re babies, and have gills to breathe in water, but as they age they lose both abilities.  Gem stone mining is one of the favorite activities at Talking Rocks Cavern.  Guests are welcomed to keep anything they find during their mining, too.  A miniature golf course, natural trails, picnic areas and the “speleobox,” a maze that children can climb through that simulates crawling in cave, are all available to guests.  The “speleolab” is another top activity to the Cavern.  The hands-on lab lets visitor’s role play as scientists to solve environmental mysteries. 
Be sure to dress warmly for your Talking Rocks Cavern tour, as the cave is always a cool 62 degrees. 

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