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Starlite Theatre Presents A Christmas Snow this Holiday Season

A Christmas Snow is an all-new Branson Christmas Show that is earning rave reviews from attendees.  The show, which is performed at The Starlite Theater, is a stage version of the inspiration 2010 movie.  The stage adaptation features the same actors who starred in the movie – Muse Watson, Catherine Mary Stewart and Cameron Ten Napel.

The production is a heartwarming story of family, faith and forgiveness that leaves audiences in tears with the powerful tale of a woman unable to celebrate Christmas because of the pain in her past. After a snowstorm traps her in her home with two unlikely guests, she is confronted with a life-changing choice: hang on to her hurt or let go and embark on the journey of hope that awaits the heart that dares to forgive. Adapted for the stage, this moving 90-minute instant-classic is sure to be the highlight of your Christmas season.

A Christmas Snow tickets are on sale now.  Tickets currently feature a $5 savings.


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