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Star of New Peter Pan Production Flies into Branson

Cathy Rigby has achieved her dreams and is still soaring to new heights every day. The two-time Olympic gymnast and world championship silver medalist is now an actress and motivational speaker.

She has arrived in Branson with the Tony Award-nominated show “Peter Pan” that will open in May 2009.

Rigby and her husband, Tom McCoy, have been at the Oak Ridge Boys Theatre conducting auditions for the show that has toured the country and even spent some time on Broadway.

This is Rigby’s first trip to Branson. “I’ve never been here before and I’ve always heard exciting things about it,” Rigby said. “This theater has so much to offer with special effects and sound, it’s perfect for our show.”

Following Rigby’s Olympic career, she studied theater for seven years before stepping on stage. Peter Pan has been 10 years of her life.

“I have so much fun, it’s like being a kid again,” Rigby said.

So how about flying? Rigby says it’s the easiest part of the show.

“It’s like riding a roller-coaster,” she said. “Soaring across the stage and out over the audience is a thrill.”

Rigby has been very impressed with the auditions so far.

She says there is such a great pool of talent to choose from in Branson.

“Everyone is willing to work very hard to make it the best show they can make it,” she said. “People really want to see family entertainment and I love that.”

Besides Peter Pan, Rigby and her husband also have a theater and dance academy in California that keeps them busy.

“That’s been very exciting for us. We’ve only had the studio for the past couple of years, and it’s fun to see little kids that will grow up to be great performers.”

Information courtesy of Branson Daily News