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Silver Dollar City Unveils New Outlaw Run Coaster

Ready to add more thrills to your day at Branson’s signature theme park? Then, we’ve got good news for you.

Silver Dollar City has unveiled a new $10 million roller coaster named Outlaw Run.
The new thrill attraction pushes the classic wooden roller coaster to new heights by applying modern technology that allows the coaster to go upside down, with three inversions and a double-barrel roll.  Outlaw Run will feature the world’s steepest drop on a wooden coaster – 162 feet at 81 degrees.  It is the only wood roller coaster to twist upside down and, at 68mph, is the second fastest in the world.
The track is more than a half-mile long and takes about a minute-and-a-half to ride.
Outlaw Run is scheduled to open in April 2013 but could be open as early as December.
The theme of Outlaw Run – the Wild West – fits in nicely with Silver Dollar City’s other attractions like Fire in the Hole, the multi-looping Wildfire roller coaster and the PowderKeg launch coaster.
Silver Dollar City is an internationally-awarded 1880s-style theme park treating guests to an experience unlike any other. Nestled amidst the naturally beautiful Ozark Mountains, Silver Dollar City features six world-class festivals, a dozen delightful restaurants, 40 live shows daily and 60 unique shops.

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