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Shoji Tabuchi Celebrates 20 Years in Branson

Shoji Tabuchi is an entertainment staple in Branson, connecting generations of audiences with his superb music skills and grand productions. Shoji opened his Branson Theater 20 years ago, and this summer, he is celebrating his 20th anniversary in Branson with his most spectacular show yet.

Backed by a world-class band, Shoji displays his mastery of the fiddle throughout his two-hour show, featuring country tunes like “Orange Blossom Trail,” classic numbers like “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and even some ‘50s style rock ‘n roll. Shoji also incorporates Broadway hits into his production, complete with detailed sets and high-flying characters. The dancers at the Shoji Tabuchi Show really bring the production together as they glide, trot and swing through their numbers. The entire cast of the show are professional entertainers who deliver solid performances night after night. Shoji recently added a Taiko Drum segment to his show as well. The Taiko Drums are important to Japanese culture and represent the spirit of Japanese people. 25 drums, of varying size, are needed for the segment and is a unique element you won’t see anywhere else in Branson.
The Branson Shoji Tabuchi Theater is a sight to see in and of itself and is often called the “Showplace of Branson” due to its decadent décor. It is reminiscent of the Grand Palaces from the 1930’s and is famous for its opulent bathrooms. The ladies room takes its theme from the 1890’s Empire Period and features granite and onyx sinks, stained and jeweled glass, chandeliers and more. The men’s room is no less imposing as it features a marble fireplace, hand-carved billiard table and black lion head sinks. A visit to the Shoji Tabuchi Theater isn’t complete without a trip to his famous restrooms!
Come help Shoji celebrate his 20th year in Branson. Performances are at 3 pm and 7:30 pm, Monday through Saturday, with some Sunday performances. His wife, Dorothy, and daughter, Christina, perform in the show on select dates. Shoji Tabuchi Tickets are on sale now.

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