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Redneck Tenors Put Unique Twist on Opera Classics

Have you heard of the Redneck Tenors?  You may have seen them on the second season of America’s Got Talent, where they were a top finalist.  The group, whose name you’re sure to remember, have been performing in Branson, Missouri for four years at the Americana Theatre. 

The show is written and directed by opera-veteran Matthew Lord.  With a background in classical music and training at Julliard, Lord has performed at The Metropolitan Opera, Julliard Opera Canter, Dallas Opera and the Opera Theatre of St. Louis.  The idea for the show came to Lord as he was preparing for a show for the American Heritage Foundation in Dallas.  The redneck play on the tenor trend was a big success, and soon a full show production was underway. 

Lord is joined by world-class opera singers Blake Davidson as Billy Billee, Jonathan Fruge as Billy, and Dinny McGuire as the Colonel.  Together, they have created a show that mixes NASCAR with Beethoven, Elvis with Puccini and Dixie-spin on Ave Maria.  Travel with the singing cousins as they go from their modest beginnings in Paris, Texas all the way to a stunning concert performance in the second half.  Big laughs and comedy make the show work, while the vocal talents of the tenors really bring it all together.  Family-friendly yet perfect for a night out too, the Redneck Tenors is a unique show appealing to a wide audience. 

Performances are held at 8pm Tuesday through Saturday and at 2pm on Sundays.  Book your Redneck Tenor tickets now for less than $30.

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