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Promised Land Zoo Set to Open Memorial Day Weekend

Delilah – African Lioness at Promised Land Zoo

An all-new animal attraction is opening in Branson this May – the Promised Land Zoo.   Set to open Memorial Day Weekend, at a location on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, the attraction features a foot safari, petting zoo and numerous interactive experiences. 

Promised Land Zoo, which is relatively small in size, focuses on baby animals and education.  They have a second location in Eagle Rock, Missouri – about an hour from Branson – that is a drive through zoo on 120 acres.  At the more intimate Branson location guests will be treated to:

Live animal shows:  Interactive live shows featuring animals and up-close encounters.

Parakeet Paradise:  Feed hundreds of parakeets in this beautiful section of the Zoo.

Barnyard Petting Zoo:  Feed, pet and brush many of the animals featured at the park.

Zoo Keeper Talks:  Learn new and interesting educational items about many of the creatures you will find on-site.

Critter Cart:  Discover small and unique animals at this section of the Zoo.

Bottle Feedings:   You can feed rare and amazing animal’s first-hand at the bottle feeding portion of the park. 
Exclusive Encounters:  Visit one-on-one with some of the most-loved and popular animals including monkeys, baby cats (lions or tigers), and much more.

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