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Pierce Arrow Presents a Country-Style Christmas in Branson

If you’re in the mood for a country-style Christmas then head to the Pierce Arrow Theater, home to the Pierce Arrow Show.

The vocal group has been in Branson, Missouri for 12 years and their owner/producer Dan Britton said this year’s show is the best on yet.  The show features new costumes, music and comedy segment, and every show is a little bit different.  Pierce Arrow includes Scott Fraker, Luke Menard, Gary Koreiba and Tim Storms.

Comedian Jarrett Dougherty is a fan-favorite of the show.  His comedy is some of the best in Branson and has audience members in fits of laughter during his routines.  Female vocalists Kim Boyce and Desta Pritchett round out the cast of the show.

Pierce Arrow mixes its show with some regular season highlights and Christmas traditions.  The theater has some of the best special effects in town, too, creating a great production that is entertaining for those of all ages. 

Pierce Arrow tickets are on sale now!

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