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Paul Harris to Perform at The Oak Ridge Boys Theatre

Paul Harris will be performing in Branson for the 2011 season, although now he will be performing at The Oak Ridge Boys Theatre instead of the Music City Centre. After the Music City Centre was closed for falling behind on its taxes, Harris was invited to make the Oak Ridge Boys Theatre his home in 2011.

The announcement was made Tuesday, March 22.
The Paul Harris show featuring The Cleverlys will begin performances on May 6.
Harris has performed in Branson shows for years, and has also made a name for himself on the mid-south comedy circuit. The family bluegrass band The Cleverlys, who perform with Harris, have a unique sound and perform their version of everything from the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” The group is a YouTube sensation that has garnered a lot of interest internationally and regionally.

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