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Paul Harris & The Cleverlys Put Bluegrass Spin on Popular Songs

Almost every show in Branson has something special to showcase.  At the Paul Harris and The Cleverlys show, a unique spin on bluegrass and contemporary music creates one of the most enjoyable shows in the Ozarks.   Have ever heard AC/DC covered by a bluegrass band?  It sounds different, right?  But, it’s just different enough to make you enjoy the original in a whole new way. 

Paul Harris and The Cleverlys began gaining attention for their bluegrass spin on popular songs in 2010 when their version of The Black Eyed Peas tune “I Gotta Feeling” went viral on YouTube.  The band knew they were on to something as their fan base continued to grow.  After touring and numerous other YouTube music videos, the band has a cult following and gains new fans each day at their show in Branson. The audience connects to songs by popular artists like Duran Duran, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fergie and even Flo Rida.  The Cleverlys band name is fitting, as the bluegrass renditions they perform are clever and make you see bluegrass in a new light.

Paul Harris adds a laugh-inducing stand-up routine to the show, mixing in jokes, stories and observations about the South.  Harris is known to have knack for comedy, and he never fails to get the audience laughing.  There’s even a music routine involved dubbed Carlos Danger during the comedy segment. 

On top of all the entertainment found at the show, you can also have dinner.  A country-style dinner with chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and more can be added your Paul Harris Show tickets.

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