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Oak Ridge Boys set to Open Show in Branson

While The Oak Ridge Boys have often been called “America’s Favorite Group,” they are without a doubt one of Branson’s favorite groups as well. The multi-award winning Country, Gospel and pop stars are returning to their Branson roots as they open their 2008 season at a place they called home in the past.

“We’ve been involved in this town for such a long time, and been treated so well here, and this theatre holds such great memories for us, not only because we used to play here when Glen Campbell took a night off, but because we also planted a real oak tree right out in front of the theatre. It’s a thrill to be here with our name on the building,” Oak Ridge Boy Duane Allen said.

The Oaks’ high energy show is complemented by the newly refurbished theatre interior as well as the brand new and extremely high tech lighting and sound system. “We remember what a great venue this is here, with the unbelievable acoustics, and the additional bells and whistles and production elements that have been added, it’s just tremendous. It should make for a great show and we are certainly looking forward to this season,” said Oak Ridge Boy Richard Sterban.

Since they were able to come into town a little early to rehearse and get ready to open their new show Oak Ridge Boy William Lee Golden, got the chance to see the “new” Country Tonight show on Sunday evening. “It’s such an exciting time here in Branson. I was really impressed with what they have to offer here as far as the technology and the production is concerned here. I don’t think we have ever played in a better venue than we have here…it’s exciting.”

Oak Ridge Boys front man Joe Bonsall added what he thought the best thing about Branson was for the group, “I like the family atmosphere here. I know for a fact that the crowd is gonna be appreciative, I know its mom and dad and the kids, and grandmas out there, and I always hope that they go away every night, loving what we have done for them.”

The Oaks’ Branson season runs through December, with nine sets of three-day appearances scheduled. They are also planning to premiere their new Christmas show in Branson before they take it on the road.

Information courtesy of Branson Daily News

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