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Neal McCoy Returning to Branson for 2010 Season

After a successful engagement in Branson during the 2009 season at the Yakov Smirnoff Theater, Neal McCoy is planning to return to Branson for the 2010 season at a new venue.

The new Clay Cooper Theater, which is currently billed as The Osmonds Theater, will feature Neal McCoy in at least 50 headlining shows next year. McCoy plans to perform several shows during the spring and summer months, although the majority of his shows will be performed between October & December. The format will remain similar to the shows he performed during the 2009 season.
McCoy is best known for his hit songs “No Doubt About It,” “Wink,” “The Shake,” “For a Change,” “You Gotta Love That,” “Billy’s Got his Beer Goggles On” and “They’re Playing Our Song.”

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