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Master Illusionist Rick Thomas Appearing in Branson

Are you a fan of magic?  If so, there is an all-new show in Branson you won’t want to miss!  Rick Thomas, master illusionist, is appearing at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre this season.  His show is one of nine featured at the theatre in 2014, all of which are produced by Jimmy Osmond.

Thomas has performed throughout the world, including headlining his own Las Vegas show at venues including the Tropicana Resort & Casino, Planet Hollywood Casino and Sahara Casino.  He has also headlined shows on cruise ships, a tour in Europe and appeared on numerous national television specials such as “The World’s Greatest Magic.”  Over the years, Thomas has been awarded the World Magic Award of Magician of the Year and Stage Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts.

One of the reasons Thomas excels as an illusionist is magnanimous stage presence, honed during years of ballroom dancing.  His gracefulness and showmanship combines with his winning personality to create a show attendees are raving about.  Throughout the show, Thomas references dreams and dreaming.  Both are very important to him, as he states that’s where his magic comes from.  With magic viewed as the art of dreaming, anything is possible.  At the show, illusions both large and small are performed.  More illusions will be added throughout the year so the show remains fresh and new for visitors.  Expect a lot of audience participation, too, and a chance to go on stage with Rick Thomas as a magician’s assistant.  Kids love to be involved in the show, and it’s a highlight for parents as well. 

Thomas performs the most intriguing and innovative grand illusions in the Midwest with a style unlike any other magical entertainer. His stage presence is unmatched as he weaves magic, music and dance into a seamless spectacle.  Purchase your Rick Thomas tickets today to see this all-new Branson show. Thomas takes the stage March 28 through October 4, 2014. 

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