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Magnificent Variety Show Moves to Osmond Theatre

The Magnificent Variety Show, formerly known as the Magnificent 7 Variety Show, has a new home for the 2009 season. Their new location will be the Osmond Theatre, located at 3216 W. Hwy 76 Branson. The show will also be lead by Joe & Tamra Tinoco, and will feature more than 75 musical performances spotlighting music from the 1940’s through today. As the name suggests, the show features a variety of music including everything from country to Latin to Broadway.


  1. We seen this show as the Magnificent 7 and enjoyed it. Would suggest it as a top show to see while in Branson.

  2. I highly recommend this show because of its wonderfully talented cast and variety of music.Little Talya is quite a performer and I hope this show gets better business now that its on 76 hw at the osmond theatre

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