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Magnificent 7 Brings on the Summer Fun

There is too much fun to be contained at Branson’s White House Theatre as summer rolls into high gear!

“Don’t be surprised if Doris Day, J-Lo, Judy Garland, or even Cher comes to your table to wait on you,” says Magnificent Seven Variety Show headliner Tamra Holden. “And the Secret Service took two people out of the lobby last night, and I haven’t seen them since.”

The Magnificent Seven Variety Show has always touted an impressive four course meal, but never has it been delivered by such an array of musical talent. They are all here; June Carter, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, Karen Carpenter, Paula Abdul, and even Madonna, sweeping in with a flourish, a smile, and an enormous sense of fun to serve you one of the finest meals in town. New for this year, dinner consists of succulent Prime Rib and Grilled Chicken Breast, paired with mashed red skinned potatoes and steamed vegetables. The dessert parade, featuring Champagne Cake drizzled in caramel and chocolate, is a show stopper that delights old and young alike!

In order to get in to the best variety show in Branson, you will have to make it past several cagey Secret Service agent that will be conducting random metal detector scans, retinal scans, background checks, and a few other checks that we have not been given clearance to mention here. If you are lucky enough to avoid the agents, you may get yourself photographed in the middle of a presidential press conference with such notables as John McCain, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ronald Regan, JFK, and even George Washington! For the staunch Republican supporters, George Bush, Jr. has made himself available for a short time. Says Joe Tinoco, also the show’s headliner, “Everywhere you turn, it’s crazy! I saw Janice Joplin talking to Doris Day while Jennifer Lopez poured coffee. It’s insane! The coffee is really good, though.”

Now through the end of July, kids at the Magnificent Seven Variety Show will enjoy drink specials with “crazy” cups at concessions, a colorful “Uncle Sam” ice cream dessert just for them, and an interactive Magnificent Seven Variety Show that will leave them shouting, stomping, and ready for more! “If you have to choose one place to take the entire family for a great time, AND you want to avoid the traffic, this is your show,” says Tamra. “It is hands down fun from the moment you walk in the door!”

You can also catch the Dixieland Breakfast Show this summer featuring Three Time “Piano Player of the Year” Tracy Heaston and the hottest horns in Branson as they take you back to the Jazz Band era, revisiting Dixieland classics, popular favorites, a Patriotic Salute, swinging Gospel, Broadway hits, and much more. Serving up a hearty country breakfast, they will put a smile on your face and have you “hand slappin” and “toe tappin” to the very best in American music and comedy!

Information courtesy of Magnificent 7 Show

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