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Lumberjack Segment Carved into Dixie Stampede Branson

Branson’s most fun place to eat is rolling in some new fun for the 2012 season. The Dixie Stampede Branson will feature teams of lumberjacks performing various feats during their shows this year.

The addition to the Branson show will involve six lumberjacks and four events set up as a relay. The events featured are a race up a 60 foot log, two man cross-cut sawing, log splitting and a log roll. All of the dinner attractions best known acts are also returning this year, including tricks rides and the buffalo stampede.

The new segment, dubbed “Rumble in the Treetops,” debuted at the Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge in 2010.

According to a press release, the crosscut event involves teams racing to saw through a giant log. In the third leg of the relay, the lumberjacks will again sever a log, this time with underhand chopping. The log roll will involve the lumberjacks squaring off to see who can keep their balance the longest before falling into a shallow pool of water.

The segment will be part of the friendly rivalry between the North and South teams.

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