Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City
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Learn the History & Legend of Silver Dollar City’s Marvel Cave

One of the bonuses of a day at Silver Dollar City is the included tour of Marvel Cave.  A novelty to theme parks, the cave is actually a crucial part of the attraction’s history.  The story is one steeped in heritage and history of the Ozarks. 

Most likely Branson, Missouri’s oldest attraction, Marvel Cave has been providing tourists with glimpses of its corridors since 1894.  At that time it was operated by the Lynch family, and also known as “Marble Cave.”  The Herschend Family, who owns Silver Dollar City, didn’t lease the cave until 1950.  A popular attraction, a lot of times lines would get long to enter.  In order to entertain visitors waiting for their cave tour, the idea of “Silver Dollar City” started at the entrance of the cave.  From there, the Ozark Mountain village them park grew into what it is today. 
Historically speaking, this is Branson’s longest running attraction as it has been toured by visitors for over 100 years.  When you visit Silver Dollar City, make the most of the opportunity to go below these Ozark Mountains.  The tour is included in your Silver Dollar City ticket, and allows you to experience a special part of history – something you can’t get at most theme parks.  Tours depart every 30 minutes, and last about an hour. The cave is located inside the main entrance to Silver Dollar City. During the trip you’ll venture 300 feet below the surface and enter the Cathedral Room.  One of the largest cave entrance rooms in the United States, it’s truly a sight to behold.  Then, you’ll walk the visitors trail as you learn about this wet limestone cave from a trained cave guide.   An inclined tram takes you to the top of the cave, providing a unique exit route.

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