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Kirby VanBurch Adds Magical Twists to New Show

Kirby VanBurch is Branson’s “Prince of Magic.” For the 2011 season, he returns with some new tricks up his sleeve.
The theme of the show is wishes, with genie-infused elements like a magic lamp and elements from the Disney movie “Aladdin.” Jennifer Wintermute plays the “Thief of Thoughts,” who is able to name objects audience members hold up, despite being blindfolded. She can also provide details of the objects, from the size of a shoe to the name on a driver’s license.
Two performers in the show, Leann Farley and Semmon Gruzdev, perform an aerial dance that although is not a trick is truly magical to see. Their aerial dance takes place 20 feet in the air while they are suspended only by cloth ropes.
VanBurch specializes in illusions, and he doesn’t disappoint during his show. In years past he’s made everything from a motorcycle to a tiger disappear, and this year he stated the tricks are even better. You’ll have to see the Branson show to find out for yourself!

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