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Jonah Debuts at Sight & Sound Theatres Branson

Jonah, Sight and Sound Theatre’s newest production, recently debuted in Branson, Missouri to rave reviews. The show had previously headlined the Lancaster, Pennsylvania theatre location, during which it broke all sales records. Visitors and locals alike are already making Jonah a success in the Ozarks. Read on to find out why this show intrigues so many, from young to old.

Like all Sight and Sound Theatre productions, Jonah is a Christian-based religious show although it appeals to a wide audience. The plot of Jonah revolves around the famous Bible story of the prophet Jonah. When Jonah is asked by God to deliver a message to the people of Ninevah, who are enemies of the Israelites, he refuses and flees in an attempt to get away from God. During his journey he encounters a variety of interesting characters and ultimately finds himself inside the belly of a whale for three days. After this time, he eventually heeds the word of God and sees the purpose of his mission.

You might be wondering how a live theatre performance can create sea-worthy scenes, including ones located inside a whale. With the magic of Sight and Sound Theatre’s technology, crew and cast, a production has been put together that magically transports guests to the era of Jonah. The $3 million production of Jonah features more than 40 performers and 71 set pieces, including a 30,000-pound boat that is 50 feet long, 28 feet high and, when the hull doors open, is 50 feet wide. Known for its extravagant set designs, this boat is the largest single set piece ever built by Sight and Sound Theater designers, as well as a centerpiece of the show.

The elaborate sets of Jonah Branson are combined with special effects for a truly immersive experience. Together, these two elements turn the entire theatre into an unbelievable underwater atmosphere. Attendees see glowing jellyfish and coral reefs, in addition to fake animals appearing underwater. Real life animals like horses, camels, donkeys, goats, birds, llamas, alpacas and sheep also appear on stage.

Other shows presented at Sight and Sound Theatres have been centered on Jesus, Joseph or Noah – men who were very “Christ-like.” Jonah, however is sinning all the time which adds a bit of comedy to the show. Producers hope the comedic aspect helps relax show-goers while they also are attentive for the message told through Jonah’s journey or redemption. Plus, this show easily connects with young kids as it is normally a favorite from Sunday school and a tale they are already familiar.

Come see the show for yourself in Branson, MO! Jonah tickets are on sale now.

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