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“It” – The All-New Branson Show featuring the Hughes Brothers

It” is one little word is creating a lot of buzz in the Branson show scene.  “It” is an all-new show from the Hughes Brothers, one of Branson’s biggest families and longest running shows.  A lot of questions have been asked about the show, namely what is “It”?

The new variety show covers a lot of ground and packs a lot of entertainment into two hours.  When the Hughes Brothers were discussing the show in 2011, they struggled to come up with a name that identified all the show encompassed.  The name “It” started out as joke but over time it grew on the family and they decided “It” was the way to go. 

Even though the Hughes Family encourages Branson visitors to see what “It” is about for them, they do make note of the deeper ideas of family, friends, faith and love, combined with music, and the powerful affects they have on us all.  These ideas are really what “It” is all about but these ideas come alive once you seem them on the Hughes Brothers Theater stage.

The Hughes Brothers have been performing in Branson, Missouri for 17 years.  Throughout the years they have added to their clan and to their show, with wives and children joining the production.  Part of the reason behind the new show is the size and age of the Hughes Family, which is now around 50, including 30 plus children.  As the younger generation has got older, their talents have grown and with that in minds, the Hughes Brothers wanted to create a new platform for the entire family.  It the Show” is that platform and, with over $1.5 million invested, “It” is sure to be the buzz about town for some time.

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