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Hot Winter Fun in Branson, MO

The holidays are over, and some of us could be fighting a case of the winter blues in the upcoming months. Branson’s promoters say they could have the cure – a little fun!

It’s a common misconception that everything is closed in Branson this time of year but there is still some “Hot Winter Fun” during the cold winter months.
Christmas and New Years have come and gone again, and the excitement of the holiday season is behind us, but that doesn’t mean all the excitement in Branson is gone.
“We are growing our winter season,” said Ross Summers, president of the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Summers says Branson used to have shows only between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Not long ago, most shows shut down from January through March.
“This is the time they take their vacations. A lot of them revamp their shows every year, put new sets in, and get new songs together,” he said.
But now, more shows than ever are open during the season known as “Hot Winter Fun.” A few of the theatres that remain open during the winter months include the Grand Country Music Hall, the Dutton Theatre, and the Jim Stafford Theatre.
A lot of the branson shows that are open for hot winter fun will be showcased in one big show at the Jim Stafford Theatre on Feb. 11. It will give folks a sampling of what Branson has to offer.
“It may be harder for a lot of these shows to stay closed in January and February because, as we get more and more people into town, there’s revenue there,” Ross said.
One big reason for more people in town is Branson’s new convention center that just opened in August. Ross says the facility has dates booked into the next three or four years.
“People don’t spend all their time at the convention center. They want to get out and see what’s available in the local community and, obviously, Branson has more than most local communities,” said Ross.
Besides all the entertainment, he encourages people to visit Branson’s many museums, including Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Titanic, and the Ralph Foster Museum at College of the Ozarks, and, of course, all the places to shop and eat.
Information courtesy of KY3 News
Image courtesy of Branson Chamber of Commerce

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