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Hollywood Wax Museum Branson Adds New Characters, Interactive Experiences

The Hollywood Wax Museum Branson is currently undergoing a $5 million dollar renovation, with many of the renovations already completed. One of the most noticeable changes is the front of the building. A 15-foot long neon sign with more than 1,200 lights now adorns the Hollywood Wax Museum, located on famous Hwy. 76.

The renovations at the museum were geared towards creating a more interactive experience for visitors, and with more photo opportunities and unique movie scenes the interactivity has indeed increased. It starts in the lobby, where guests can pose with a gigantic ape that is 11 feet tall and 13 feet from shoulder to shoulder. During the tour of the museum there are scenes with characters for visitors to pose with, including sitting on a bench with Forrest Gump, hanging with Spider-Man and getting groovy with Austin Powers. Soon guests will be able to ride aboard the Titanic, sing for “American Idol” judges and fight crime with Charlie’s Angels. All of these new exhibits will be opening soon.
Hollywood Wax Museum tickets are on sale now. Reserve your behind-the-scenes experience today.

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  1. I love this museum!! It's so neat to be able to look at great stars of Hollywood. It's amazing how realistic these wax stars look. You can pose by them in pictures, which will have everyone wondering if you ran into a celeb while on vacation in Branson 😉

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