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Holiday Shopping at Dick’s 5 &10 Store in Branson

If you are old enough to remember shopping at a “dime store” with parents or grandparents, Dick’s Oldtime 5 and 10 in downtown Branson, Missouri will delight every sense. This old-fashioned dime store operates daily in the nostalgic downtown district of one of America’s favorite resort cities. Christmas shoppers will love Dick’s Oldtime 5 and 10 because shopping here is like a trip to the past.

The store has been held the same location on a corner for more than fifty years. Every narrow aisle is filled with treasures that someone on your holiday gift list is sure to appreciate.

Upon entering the store, many visitors are stopped by the sight of working model trains that travel the rails above their heads. Others pause because the sheer amount of merchandise crammed into a single store space is astonishing. Each aisle is stocked with merchandise from floor to high above the average shopper’s head.

Dick’s claims to stock more than 40,000 nostalgic items. The varied stock includes everything from collectible figurines, toys, games, clothing, metal mesh fly swatters, pots and pans, cooking supplies, linen goods including “stamp goods” ready to embroider, novelties of every description, old-fashioned candy, and more.

Remember the toys you played with as a child or dreamed of finding on Christmas morning? Most of them can be found at Dick’s 5 and 10. Simple toys like jacks, rag dolls, checkerboards, stick horses, and more line the aisles here. Don’t look for the electronic marvels that can be found in every toy and discount department stores because they are not here. Simple china tea sets and toy cars that rely on boy powder instead of batteries are the norm.

If a cook is on your Christmas list, check out the wide selection of cooking tools and accessories. Aprons like Grandma used to wear are in stock everyday and so are things like hand-powered cheese graters, meat grinders, utility forks, and coffeepots that make coffee on top of the stove, no electric outlet needed!

Guys will find tools to their boys-at-heart content and gals can find something that their man doesn’t have in his toolbox here. From the basics like hammers and screwdrivers to various saws and fishing gear, there is a wide selection of equipment for the male members of the family.

Cloth diapers – the real thing – are found here near rubber duckies for baby’s bath. Baby shoes that don’t have designer names can be located.

Stuffed animals, ladies stocking garters, the kind of candy that grandparents remember from before World War II, wind chimes, novelty cards, Betty Boop and Coke memorabilia, and enough Elvis artifacts for the most devoted fan are here at Dick’s 5 and 10.

Find things you forgot existed until you see them on the shelf here and give gifts with nostalgic value this season. These are not replicas but practical, working items that can be used everyday or put on display with pride.

Cards that cater to the past can be found along with bobby pins, scented talc powders, hats, candles, decorations, and everything but the kitchen sink (which might well be tucked away in some corner of the store).

Wear comfortable shoes and plan to spend hours shopping the vintage goods at Dick’s 5 and 10 in Branson. The store is located downtown at 103 West Main Street or at the corner of Main and commercial.

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