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Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen To Perform at Grand Palace

The Grand Palace in Branson, Missouri and The Royale Dance Theatre of New York are proud to present Snow Queen, a dance-drama spectacular. A love story and exciting adventure based on the Hans Christian classic, “Snow Queen.” It is both a musical and ballet and with all the wonderful elements we find in “Nutcracker,” “Peter Pan” and “The Wizard of Oz.”

Snow Queen is a spectacular that entertains, enriches, inspires and encourages all to be as trusting, loving, forgiving as the little child and most of all to “Follow the dream in your heart.”

After six years in the making, Snow Queen boasts a $200,000 wardrobe, beautiful scenic effects, well-trained dancers and actors, huge puppets, opera singers and musicians plus authentic folk dance, a host of colorful characters and best of all, a beautiful, inspiring story which uplifts every member of the audience. There will be tears of laughter, tears of sadness, but most of all, there will be tears of joy long remembered after the curtain closed and the glitter has faded. This spectacular is introduced with a comedic narrator guiding the audience through the adventure.

Snow Queen is a story of love and adventure, of good triumphing over evil and a vision of beauty through ballet, delightful dance, drama and film. This spectacular was created in the eighties by Bernadine DeMike. She has produced and choreographed many of the classics such as “Swan Lake,” “Giselle,” “Coppelia” and other ballets. She has choreographed more than 35 Broadway musicals for high schools and universities and produced more than 30 ballets including choreography for guest artist Patrick Swayze. Based on her faith in God, she believes He will open the doors for this new venture and assist in accomplishing this work.

Branson Missouri’s fabulous and huge state-of-the-art Grand Palace has been chosen to begin the national tour of this highly entertaining show. As a family-centered theater production, it can be enjoyed by ballet and musical lovers as well.

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