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Grand Palace Theater in Branson Plans to Reopen by Labor Day

The Grand Palace is scheduled to reopen at the end of the summer. This Branson landmark has been closed for two years, but with new owners and new plans for the building in full swing, one of Branson’s finest theaters will be up and running in time for Labor Day Weekend.

The theater is being managed by Paul Dunn, who owns Dunn Construction, who is also overseeing many of the renovations done on the building. In a segment done by KSPR news team, Dunn stated they will be changing the color scheme of the building, using a marbleized faux finish on the columns and rails. New carpet and a new paint scheme are also planned.
More than renovations, however, are planned for the Grand Palace Theater. A new vision for the venue is the focus, with more modern entertainment on the horizon for the show schedule. No names have been released at this time, but more information will be made available as progress on the theater is made. The reopening of the theater will certainly add to the variety available in Branson shows.

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