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Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting as Paul Harris & The Cleverlys Move Theaters

Paul Harris is moving his show to a new theater in Branson, Missouri.  For the 2012 season, Paul Harris and his band The  Cleverlys, will be located at The White House Theatre, which is also home to The Legend of Kung Fu

Paul Harris and The Cleverlys are best-known for their bluegrass-style parodies of popular hip hop songs.  Of course, with their move to the home of The Legend of Kung Fu, they will be adding the disco hit “Kung Fu Fighting” to their song line-up.  Harris and his band will alternate matinee and evening performances with The Legend of Kung Fu.  Both shows will offer a meal option, with the Kung Fu show offering a three course Chinese meal and the Paul Harris Show serving a country-fried steak dinner. 

The White House Theatre is currently undergoing a number of renovations, including audio and visual upgrades and improvements to the lobby, gift shop and on-site West Wing Event Center. 
To get a better idea of the bluegrass spin Paul Harris and The Cleverlys put on pop music, check out the video below:

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