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Duttons Christmas Show in Branson Delivers All New Show

If you asked just about anyone at the Dutton Theater about the new set design for the 2008 Christmas Show, you were answered with silence and a big smile.

“When the curtain came up for the Christmas segment of the show, we knew there was going to be a real ‘Wow,’” said Sheila Dutton.

Noted Hollywood special effects artist Rick Josephsen, who handled special effects for all three of the “High School Musical” blockbusters and nearly 40 other major films, has once again designed the sets and staging for a Dutton Show.

“Rick has been a great friend to our family,” said Judith Dutton, “and we are constantly amazed by his inventive and unique approach in transforming our stage. He has absolutely outdone himself for this year’s Christmas show and the audiences are in for a real treat.”

New shows and innovative set design are a tradition with the Duttons.

“Large portions of every audience are people who have seen us before,” said Judith Dutton. “As entertainers, we owe those fans new shows, new songs and new stage designs. Plus, Branson is the most competitive live entertainment market in the world and no one can afford to rest on their laurels. The audiences are too perceptive for that.”

The Dutton’s 2008 Christmas extravaganza, which has been in rehearsal since September, features lots of new routines, along with some old favorites. Hearts will be touched as grandpa Dean Dutton sings the “Christmas Cookie” song to his grandchildren cavorting around the stage as Christmas cookies.

Due to high demand from Dutton fans, Amy Dutton will bring back her mesmerizing vocalization of “The Gift.” And the younger generation will be well represented with a solo performance from 11-year-old Jessica Dutton, who has been amazing crowds this year with her strong voice and charismatic presence.

“This is the year of the 10,” Sheila Dutton said. “Branson has been named one of the top 10 Christmas destinations in the world. We were one of the top ten finalists on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” show. And our 2008 Christmas Show is definitely a ‘10’ on the Richter scale of entertainment.”

Information courtesy of Branson Daily News

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