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Discover the Children of Titanic at the Titanic Museum’s New Exhibit

The Titanic Museum Attraction has added a new gallery for 2013, enhancing the already incredible experience available to visitors.  The new gallery – Discover the Children of Titanic – will put the spotlight on Titanic’s littlest heroes and tell the story of what these children saw, heard and felt from the moment they boarded the ship.  The new exhibit is just one way the museum is changing to appeal to new, and younger, visitors.

Another way the museum is appealing to younger audiences is an audio tour aimed at children.  The kid-friendly audio tour makes the artifacts come to life in a whole new way.  A dog exhibit detailing the 10 dogs brought aboard will also interest kids, as will the new boarding cards kids will receive which include a scratch-off quiz. 
Interactive elements of the Titanic Museum Branson make the tour engaging for children too.  They can see what the deck of the ship would have felt like as it started to sink and feel what the 28-degree sea waters would have felt like.   There are also question and answer games throughout the museum, creating an engaging and educational way to learn about the history of the Titanic.
Discover the Children of Titanic is an exhibit two years in the making.   Previously untold stories of the 133 children’s aboard the ship, including seven first-class passengers, 27 second-class passengers, 97 children in third class and even two young boys ages 15 and 14 who were members of the ship’s crew, are given a voice during the Titanic Museum tour.  One of the items prominently displayed in the children’s gallery is an original Steiff black Titanic mourning bear, one of only 78 the company made in 1912 following the news of the ship’s sinking on April 14, 2012.  The bear is valued at $125,000.
The museum is a marvel both inside and out.  Purchase Titanic Museum tickets to get an inside look at one of the 20th centuries most historic events. 

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