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Daniel O’Donnell Performing Limited Engagement at Tri-Lakes Center Branson

Daniel O’Donnell is performing in Branson, Missouri just a few more times before his limited engagement at the Tri-Lakes Center ends.

O’Donnell returned to Branson for a 15th time, with Daniel O’Donnell tickets selling out quickly.  There are tickets still available for shows on November 18, 19, 21, 22 and 23. Plus, tickets are less than $50 each.  Appearing with Daniel O’Donnell is Mary Duff.

This year’s show is a bit different than last year’s though, as both entertainers perform more of their regular songs.  Last year’s performance was billed as a Christmas show, with this year’s emphasis more on standard fare.  Only five Christmas songs are performed during the show.  O’Donnell stated that it was due to fan demand, as he only visits in November, and they wanted to see him perform the songs that have made him famous.  They perform a few duets as well.

Daniel O’Donnell plans to return to Branson MO next year as well, with show dates in November and December 2012.

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