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Branson’s Celebration City offers Money Saving Family Meal Deal Program

Branson’s Celebration City has created a new way for families to play and save. Their new Family Meal Deal program allows families to get the best bargain for their buck, while also making their days in Branson a little less stressful. You see, with the Family Meal Deal you won’t have to worry about what the kids will eat for dinner, or constantly having to pay for a drink to quench their thirst. With the Family Meal Deal Program, for a small additional charge ($5.50 more for adults, $1.50 more for children,) you can choose from a variety of menu options at Kick’s 66 BBQ Grill, Last Chance Diner and Mickey’s Pizza and you’ll also receive free unlimited refills of Coke products throughout your day at the park.

The Family Meal Deal plan is a convenient option for families on the go who don’t want to spare any of their vacation time on food runs, but who are also looking for a way to save a few dollars too. The Celebration City Family Meal Deal Program lets guest choose from several meal options, including everything from hamburgers to pizza to brisket sandwiches. You can view the complete list of meal options here.
The regular gate admission for Celebration City for adults (12 years and older) is $26.00 plus tax. Adding the $5.50 for the meal deal program is a bargain because that price includes a meal and unlimited drinks, which we all know, are generally pricey yet always need during a day at a theme park. The regular gate admission for children (4-11 years of age) at Celebration City is $21.00 plus tax. Pay just $1.50 more, and your children can eat a delicious meal and quench their thirst as often as possible, without you having to fork over cash again and again. At $1.50, the Celebration City Meal Deal Program is cheaper than any Happy Meal you could buy.
Note that a child’s meal deal ticket must be bought in conjunction with an adult meal deal ticket.

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