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Branson’s Birthday Spectacular Dubbed “The Show of the Century”

Branson, Missouri is celebrating its centennial this year and part of the celebration includes Branson’s Birthday Spectacular, a production featuring the stars of Branson.  Dubbed “The Show of the Century,” the Birthday Spectacular concert takes place on April 15 with performers like Shoji, The Lennon Sisters, Yakov and other top names headlining.
The musical extravaganza is being held at the RFD-TV Theater, one of Branson’s largest and most dynamic theaters.  Emceed by Carrie April Tillis, the show will pay homage to Branson’s music history with a nod to each variety of show and song highlighted during the 2 ½ hour production. 
Attendees of the show can look forward to performances by:
Due to the recent storms in the Branson area, this concert is now a charitable event, with proceeds donated to victims of recent storm and tornado.  Tickets start at $35 for adults and children 4-12 are $10.  To purchase tickets please call the RFD-TV Theater at 417-332-2344.


  1. It is wonderful to see a show that offers a wonderful line up with a charitable kin ship to their fellow neighbor's. Spectacular Branson!

  2. This is an awesome opportunity for people to see most of the great performers in Branson all in one show!! Start booking now, I'm sure this is going to sell out fast!!

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