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Branson’s Baldknobbers Turns 50!

Branson’s entertainment industry turns 50! And 2009 also marks the 50th anniversary of Branson’s first show, The Baldknobbers.

In 1959, when the Mabe brothers started entertaining visitors to the lakes in downtown Branson, they did not know they would start a tradition that would later become the “Live Music Capital of the World.”
Calling themselves the Baldknobbers, brothers Jim, Bill, Lyle, and Bob Mabe decided the fisherman needed something to do in the evenings. Using the great American entrepreneurial spirit, they donned hillbilly costumes and used homemade instruments to play country and hillbilly music. Those instruments included a washtub bass, washboard for rhythm, dobro or flat top guitar, acoustic guitar and the jawbone of a mule in lieu of drums. Although the instruments have changed, the focus on family entertainment has not.
Today’s Baldknobbers feature the children and grandchildren of the original brothers plus a dynamic cast of singers, musicians, and comedians who continue to showcase a variety of country music. Guests enjoy great country classics, hot new country hits and some of the funniest comedians anywhere.
“I believe our best quality is that we entertain everyone from the age of 2 to 92,” said Tim Mabe, producer and comedian Droopy Drawers Jr. “Our 2009 show is going to be fantastic! We have been working on this show for over a year. Each year we feature new songs, new costumes, and lots of new comedy. For our golden anniversary we will touch your heart and leave audiences thoroughly entertained.”
“In addition to a fantastic show, we will have events all year long to mark this milestone in Branson’s entertainment history,” Mabe said. “We will update our website each time we add a new event.”
Join the Mabe family and the entire cast of the Baldknobbers for the year-long 50th Anniversary celebration in 2009. The Baldknobbers Jamboree Show-“The Show That Started It All”-is located on the famed 76 Country Music Boulevard in Branson, Missouri, with performances Monday through Saturday at 8 PM.
Information courtesy of The Baldknobbers

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